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Accounts payable

Supplier finance

BT Early Payment Programme


As a World Class Organisation BT & EE needs to be agile and innovative in order to stay one step ahead of its competitors and to meet the future needs of its customers.

You have a vital role to play in helping deliver our strategic priorities. Some of our initiatives can contribute to improvements in cash management that will allow continued and sustained growth both for you and us.

BT was one of the first major corporate businesses in the UK to introduce a Supplier Finance facility in order to use the financial strength of its balance sheet to provide low-cost finance to our suppliers.

In these current economically challenging times we are supporting the Government's drive for more Supplier Finance liquidity to help fuel the UK recovery by strengthening working capital, especially for smaller businesses.

We are delighted to be able to support this Supplier Finance facility with C2FO which is available to all our suppliers and which provides greater flexibility to manage cashflow through access to early payment of invoices at the click of a button via an easy to use website.

About C2FO

The BT and EE Early Payment Programme is launched in partnership with C2FO, a global leader in working capital solutions. The goal of this programme is to give you an easy, on-demand access to the working capital tied up in your accounts receivable.

Using the C2FO platform, BT suppliers can accelerate payment for their approved invoices with funding provided by BT and our relationship banks. There is no need to change your current invoicing process with BT and no requirement to change the bank account you use for receiving your payments.

You can look at C2FO as just another lever within your cash management suite. It is an on-demand offering, available when you need it and can be used for a range of financial objectives.

Activating your C2FO account takes a couple of minutes and allows you to immediately view your outstanding invoices with BT and EE.

Click here to activate your account.