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Our expectations

Policies Portal

This Policies Portal sets out the policies and generic standards of BT and the BT Group which, where relevant to the goods or services being provided, a supplier will be required to comply with.

Generic StandardsIssue / Date
Business Management Systems3/May 2019
Electromagnetic Compatibility2/Feb 2019
Health and Safety2/Feb 2019
Data Privacy2/Feb 2020
Environmental3/Jul 2019
Operational Equipment Power and Environment2/Feb 2019
Sourcing with Human Dignity2/Feb 2019
Product Stewardship2/Feb 2019
Climate Change2/Feb 2019

Change log:

Issue 2 for all document – Change to common format and style only – No change to contents

GS1 – Name changed. Ethics and conduct section removed since it is incorporated into GS0. H&S standard changed from OHSAS 18001 to ISO45001

GS0 - Supplier Pre-Qualification Standard has been removed.

GS1, GS7, GS11, GS12, GS13, GS16, GS18, GS19 and GS20 numbering has been removed.