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Our expectations

BT's primary requirements

Your suitability to become a supplier to BT will be managed by the buyer within the relevant procurement domain.

Our qualification and selection process will measure the degree to which your response meets a number of criteria, which will be tailored to the particular requirement. We do not apply any common, mandatory criteria in our qualification and selection process, however, there are certain universal factors which will be considered by all of our buyers regardless of their domain responsibility. These are :


All suppliers should carry, as a matter of course, an appropriate level of public liability insurance

Professional body status

We will want to assure ourselves that you have not recently lost this or been charged with grave professional misconduct.


We will decide what level of quality is required and indicate this to you at the appropriate time. Our buyers will ensure that the level of quality assurance we ask you to demonstrate is appropriate to the eventual contract and that we are satisfied as to the validity of a supplier's submission in this respect.

Financial viability

An aspect on which we will need to be satisfied before commencing to do business. We may ask you to submit last Report & Accounts for review and we will check for bankruptcy status, non payment of statutory contributions etc.


We need to be confident that you have the right capacity and capability for the relevant area.

Legal considerations

Our contracts require that suppliers to BT comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


A suppliers ability to meet the safety and security aspects specified will be thoroughly assessed.

Ethical standards

Sourcing with Human Dignity

Generic standards

We may measure your compliance to certain BT generic standards as part of our qualification /selection criteria. If we do this, we will provide you with copies or on-line access to the relevant Generic Standards.

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