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Accounts payable

Suppliers to our BT UK Business entities excl. EE

Welcome to Accounts Payable we are here to help with all your invoicing and payment queries.

We have two e-Invoicing solutions available, Tungsten and SAP (Ariba) Business Network. Both solutions provide a self-service portal.

We introduced SAP (Ariba) Business Network in 2023 for our UK business entities excluding EE. It is our preferred portal, because we use it to electronically issue Purchase Orders and it's PO flip functionality turns your POs into invoices, ensuring we have all the required information to process your payment.

If you are an existing supplier to one or more of our UK business entities, you may already use Tungsten to submit your invoices electronically and must continue to do so. The Tungsten portal also has functionality to flip POs into invoices or help generate invoices compliantly while ensuring all necessary fields are complete.

Important-we have a 'No PO, No Pay' principle for supplier payments, so please be sure to include your PO number on your invoice


The easiest way to send your invoices is using SAP (Ariba) Business Network or Tungsten, but if you are unable to use either option, email your invoice, as a PDF attachment, to the relevant email address below

We ask that you only attach one invoice per email.

Remember to include the following details on your invoice:

  • A valid Purchase Order number, include the email address of the purchase requester (can be found on the PO)
  • Supplier invoice number
  • The correct BT entity
  • Where applicable VAT registration number, appropriate tax breakdown
  • Bank account information
  • Remittance details and your contact details
  • Your invoice is in the same currency as used on the purchase order

If your supplier invoice reference number is greater than 16 characters, we will only use the first 16 characters.

Invoice Status

If you are using SAP (Ariba) Business Network to submit invoices, you can view the invoice status by logging into your SAP (Ariba) Business Network account.

If you submitted your invoice electronically via Tungsten, you will be able to view its status using Tungsten Invoice Status on the portal.

Suppliers can also request an automated weekly invoice status report by completing this form

Alternatively, you can request ad-hoc invoice status updates. Fill in this spreadsheet with all the requested details, save the spreadsheet and email it as an attachment to

Please ensure you complete all required fields, we will not be able to process your request if there are fields missing.

Please expect a reply within 48 hours.

VAT arrangements

Very few invoices from suppliers outside the UK should carry local VAT. Instead, BT will self-account for VAT using the reverse charge process.

In the vast majority of cases VAT is due in the country where the customer receives the service. Suppliers need to quote the VAT registration number of the BT entity issuing the affected purchase orders on invoices, as evidence of business status. The BT entity and VAT registration number will be provided on BT issued Purchase Order.

If you are unable to find the specific BT Company VAT registration, please speak to your BT procurement lead who will be able to help you identify the correct BT entity to invoice.

Foreign Exchange on Non-local Currency Invoice

If you submit a non-local currency invoice, you must quote both Foreign Exchange rate and the equivalent local currency amount on your invoice.

Still need help?

If you still need help, why not check out our FAQs, the SAP (Ariba) Business Network Supplier Guide or contact one of our advisors, you can email for general invoice/payment enquiries.

For technical support with SAP (Ariba) Business Network visit the BT Group PLC Supplier Information Portal

For technical support with Tungsten visit the Tungsten helpdesk or call them on +44 203 318 5177

Our UK Business entities

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BT Energy Payments (Cover all Utilities)

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