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Our terms and conditions

Introducing the General Conditions

BT reserves the right to propose contractual terms and conditions that it considers appropriate to a particular procurement requirement. However, to speed up the contracting process, to reduce the volume of paper transactions and to make things simpler for both parties, BT has developed a straightforward web-based set of terms and conditions ("the General Conditions") that it may choose where appropriate to contract upon by reference. In some circumstances, BT may not consider the General Conditions to be suitable, in which case other terms will be proposed by BT or BT may choose to amplify or amend the General Conditions with other terms.

The General Conditions will only apply to UK contracts and then only to the extent that they are expressly referred to in them. In the interests of expedition, they will not normally be negotiable.

Viewing the General Conditions

Rather than issue the General Conditions with each relevant contract, standard purchase order or invitation to tender ("Contract Document"), BT will, where it considers them appropriate, incorporate them into the Contract Document by hyper-link.

These are the British Telecommunications plc General Conditions

The following are the General Conditions applicable to contracts with (respectively) EE Limited; BT Communications Ireland Limited;The Faraday Procurement Company Limited; BT Global Services Belgium bvba; or, BT Nederland NV.

EE Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

General Conditions (BT Communications Ireland Limited)

General Conditions (The Faraday Procurement Company Limited)

General Condition of Purchase BT Nederland NV

You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for download here) to view the General Conditions. If you are otherwise having difficulty viewing them, please call the BT person named in the relevant Contract Document. If the General Conditions are referred to in a Contract Document, it will be assumed that you can view them.

An archive of previous versions of the General Conditions can be found here.

General contact details

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