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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity is defined as the capability of an organisation to continue the delivery of products and services within acceptable time frames at predefined capacity during a disruption. The management of Business Continuity is the means and methods by which this capability is realised, maintained, and improved.

BT relies on its Suppliers and supply chains to deliver goods and services to us. This enables us to build and maintain our network, operate our business, and provide goods and services to our customers. A major disruption in the supply chain could lead to loss of business, loss of market share and damage to BT’s brand. Ensuring that our business is resilient to disruption and maintaining effective business continuity management processes throughout the supply chain will reduce both the likelihood and impact of disruption.

BT’s approach to Business Continuity Management is aligned with industry good practice as defined by international management system standards such as ISO22301:2019 Security and Resilience - Business Continuity Management Systems (Requirements). BCM requirements are also included in other national and international standards, e.g., ISO27001, but they do not provide the same level of assurance.

During discussions with suppliers, we shall consider whether a BT BCM Schedule (list of clauses/control requirements) is required for the delivery of the products or services to BT. If applicable each supplier will be expected to comply with the Business Continuity Schedule and make a contractual commitment to that effect. The BCM Schedule is available from your BT contact.