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Our expectations

Third Party Risk Assurance

We have designed and built an assurance framework, a best practice model for effective risk management. We have put in place a function to deliver that framework called TPRCC ('Third Party Risk Control Centre') for in-life risk assurance, based on a differentiated view of our supply base.

TPRCC is also the name for the shared service that operates in-life third party risk and assurance checks. They will operate three types of check:

1.Assurance checks on our data quality and record keeping, primarily for regulatory compliance with EUGDPR.
2.Assurance checks on third party compliance with BT's Generic Standards and contractual obligations.
3.Risk checks on adverse media and events, as identified by web monitoring services.

For suppliers:

We would like to make you aware that as part of TPRCC checks you may receive emails so please ensure that you monitor your inbox regularly.