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BT Sourced: Procurement reimagined

BT Sourced is a brand new company, operating under the BT umbrella. This new company will manage our entire multi-billion pound global sourcing operation, with the exception of some of our Consumer procurement.

We’ll be based in the vibrant tech hub of Dublin, Ireland.

Our processes will become simpler, faster and more digital

We’re making huge investments into the latest blockchain, AI, robotics and machine learning tech. We’ll be rethinking every aspect of our procurement model to make it more simple, automated and standardised.

You can expect quicker decisions from us. Our payment system will be more transparent. And you can integrate with our new platforms to unlock fresh efficiencies in the ways you do business with us.

We’re looking forward to working with you to embrace all the new opportunities BT Sourced will bring.

You can follow BT Sourced on LinkedIn where we’ll share news and updates.