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Conflicts of Interest

We have a Conflict of Interest policy, which applies to all our employees and those acting on our behalf. A conflict of interest is any situation where your personal loyalties are, or might appear to be, at odds with your duties to BT. All conflicts of interest should be avoided, and where they cannot they must be registered and resolved to BT’s satisfaction.

View the Conflict of Interest policy

View the Conflict of Interest guidance

BT has a Register of Interests where you should let us know about your personal, family or outside interests that may impact your work with us. For example, if your role involves managing a relationship with someone at BT who is a family member or partner; or if you are a director or have a material financial interest at one of our customers or competitors.

Declaring your interests ensures that we are transparent in our business dealings. Our Group Ethics and Compliance team review each registration and provide advice and guidance, so that you can avoid any potential problems, or just give you assurance that you have done the right thing.

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