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Our expectations

Policies and Generic Standards

BT is committed to conducting business ethically and legally throughout the world and in accordance with our core values. Our suppliers are required to be committed to acting with integrity, observing the highest ethical standards in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


All of our suppliers and their subcontractors are expected to comply with the Policies below where applicable to the goods or services being supplied.
The BT Way - our ethics code
Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
Insurance Requirements Policy
Payment and Invoicing Policy
Gifts & Hospitality
Conflict Minerals Policy
Our Privacy Policy
Tax Evasion Policy
BT Marks and Branding Policy
Payment Card Data Security Policy
Conflicts of Interest Policy
Travel and Expenses Policy
IR35 Assessment: Disagreement Process and Guidance

Generic Standards

The purpose of our Generic Standards is to ensure that all goods and services purchased by BT meet certain safety, environmental and performance requirements specific to the BT group and their customers. Our Generic Standards are reviewed at least annually to take account of any legislative and regulatory changes.

If required, we will send appropriate questionnaires to support your compliance with these Generic Standards using our Standards Central Portal. BT may verify the validity of the responses through on-site audits or by requesting additional supporting evidence from you.

The following Generic Standards are applicable to all suppliers:

GS0 Supplier Pre-Qualification Standard
GS1 Business Management Systems
GS11 Health and Safety Management Standard
GS13 Environmental Policy
GS18 Sourcing with Human Dignity
GS20 Climate Change

The applicability of the Generic Standards below will depend upon the category of goods or services being provided:

GS7 Electromagnetic Compatibility Standard
GS12 - Data Privacy
GS16 Operational Equipment Power Environmental Standard
GS19 Product Stewardship

The Policies Portal sets out the Policies and Generic Standards of BT and the BT Group which, where relevant to the goods or services being provided, a supplier will be contractually required to comply with.

If you have any questions, please contact your relevant buyer.