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Our expectations

Working With BT Product Stewardship

At BT we are committed to running our business responsibly. We strive to maintain high ethical principles and protect the environment. We expect our Suppliers to do the same.

For BT, product stewardship is about making sure that the products we buy, use and sell are safe, comply with product legislation and have the lowest possible impact on the environment. This means minimising their impact when they are made, used and disposed of.

Product stewardship is not just good for the environment; it also cuts costs by reducing energy and resource use and landfill costs. This benefits BT, our suppliers and our customers.

More information about our approach to product stewardship, how we actively 'reduce, reuse, and recycle', and work with environmental legislation, please refer to BT's delivering our Purpose Report.

The standard and questionnaire along with the associated contract conditions set out the minimum product stewardship requirements expected from our suppliers.

The full Product Stewardship standard can be viewed by clicking here.