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Working With BT Sourcing With Human Dignity

We recognise that our supply chain activities have a global impact. Acting with social responsibility towards those involved in the production of our goods and services is crucial if we are to help create a world in which our company can flourish, now and for generations to come.

In the light of this, we have established a supply chain initiative, Sourcing with Human Dignity. This outlines a set of standards based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labour Organisation Conventions. We intend to gain the support of our direct suppliers to promote these standards throughout our supply base.

BT is committed to this initiative, not just because we believe it is right for us to do so, but also because we believe social responsibility is integral to long-term business success. We welcome suppliers who share this commitment and look forward to working collaboratively with you in Sourcing with Human Dignity.

To help us understand your CSR practices, we may invite you to complete our questionnaire where we then evaluate and adopt a risk based approach to identify areas of concern and areas for improvement. We will work with you our supplier to implement improvement actions where required.

Sourcing with Human Dignity Standards are available as pdf documents below:


For further information please contact Shawlinee Chopra or Sneha Agarwal.