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Welcome to Selling to BT

Key information and guidance about procurement and accounts payable in BT for our existing suppliers and potential suppliers.

Who we are

We are looking to build multi-dimensional relationships with suppliers who:

Actively support our drive to promote the BT brand and BT values.
Can provide innovative products, services and solutions.
Deliver as agreed.

By building successful relationships with suppliers who are able to offer competitive differentiation, BT can create added value for our customers and trading partners.

BT conducts a vast range of procurement activities with thousands of suppliers around the globe. We are committed to ensuring that all our dealings with suppliers - from selection and consultation, to recognition and payment - are conducted in accordance with the principles of fair and ethical trading.

How to register your interest in becoming a supplier to BT?

  1. 1 Familiarise yourself with the information on this web site.
  2. 2 Assure yourself that you can meet BT's primary requirements.
  3. 3 Determine if BT has a need for your product or service.
  4. 4 Contact our buyer - select the appropriate commodity and then use the supplied contact details.